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"Transfusions in Critically Ill Patients" N Engl J Med. Among critically ill patients, how does a restrictive transfusion strategy (hemoglobin goal of 7-9 g/dL) compare with a liberal transfusion strategy (hemoglobin goal of 10-12 g/dL) in decreasing mortality? NR is my answer also correct? Triss trial 4 found no difference 90 day all-cause mortality for Hgb transfusion goals of. In b do we refer to all the inhabitants and all the bankers, who happen to be poor and rich, respectively (non-restrictive or do we refer to only the poor people and only to the rich bankers (as opposed to the poor ones, if there. It found a similar reduction in mortality with restrictive transfusion goals.

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For (7 the official answer is definitely grammatically incorrect. Inability to receive blood products, active blood loss at enrollment Chronic anemia Pregnancy Brain death Expected death within 24 hours Attendings questioning whether to withhold or withdraw treatment Admission after a routine cardiac procedure Interventions Randomly assigned to restrictive (hemoglobin 7-9 g/dL) or liberal (hemoglobin. I dont quite understand this because if we remove the phrase "which fly through the night" it does not change the meaning of the original statement. In speech, you can mark the difference by putting the stress on 'students' for the non-restrictive meaning and on 'diligent' for the restrictive meaning of this adjective.

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